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Terms & conditions

CumNSee Ltd. assets

CumNSee Ltd. ('The Company') is a company duly registered in Marshall Islands under registry number 94010 and seated at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960. domain name and all other domain aliases, CumNSee web app, CumNSee Android app and CumNSee iOS app are in complete ownership of the Company and its owners. The Company takes all rights, consequence and responsibilities regarding these assets according to this legal disclaimer. By accepting the terms stated in this legal disclaimer, you agree to irreversibly and completely accept all the Company's terms, conditions, rules and limitations and you are found to be aware of all its statements. The Company reserves the right to change any part of Terms and conditions at any point and will notify all users about the changes before they are applied.

Age restriction policy

To use CumNSee application you have to be at least 18 years old. By allowing underage person to use CumNSee application, their parent or guardian takes moral and legal responsibility for ignorning the age limit and all consequence that may arise. The viewer may verify their adult age exclusively by providing a valid credit card data after registration. The Company will not charge your credit card during verification and will only use it for the age confirmation purpose. The model may verify their adult age exclusively by accepting the Modeling contract and providing a valid government-issued ID document with a photography after registration and is required to wait for the approvement by the Company's support team in order to be able to start using their account. The Company's support team reserves a discretionary right to reject documents with a suspicious credibility or to require a passport photo for extra check based on its own estimation. If a person uses fake, falsified or other person's data or document to prove one's adult age, the responsibility for this fraud is also taken by their guardian, an adult person who consciously and intentionally allowed their personal data or document to be used or a recruiter who consciously and intentionally reffered an underage user to CumNSee application and/or provided help in falsifying their adult age. The Company guarantees to suspend all users who are reported and proven to be underage by other users, but will not take any legal responsibility if an underage person registers using a fraud or identity theft. All those conditions, limitations and rules also apply to mentally ill adult persons or any other adult persons who don't have a full legal capacity.

Personal information usage

Be advised that the Company will not ask you to provide any sensitive personal information except your email, payment information and birth date. The Company will use your email for registration confirmation, for password changing process, forgotten password retrieval proccess, for sending optional notifications about: new offers and features, your support tickets confirmations, your support ticket status updates, your new support ticket messages, new reviews from your viewers if you register as a model and new payment methods added to your account, for sending obligatory notifications about: changes of Terms and conditions, account suspension, account reactivation and critical problems such as data leakage, to notify you about commissions you receive if you take part in recruitment program, to notify you about user status change once you become a paying customer or premium user and to contact you if The Company subjects your account to an investigation in case of any illegal or suspicious activity or report from another user. The Company will use your payment information for age confirmation of viewers and for financial transactions. The Company will not store or process your payment information and transactions and will use a trusted third party payment processor for handling payments. The Company will only store birth date in its records and use it for ID document verification of models, while other users will only see your age calculated from the birth date. Additionally, The Company may use your birth date to recheck your ID document or ask you to resend your ID document if it subjects your account to investigation due to underage user report by any other user and may also disclose your birth date and ID document to the competent services upon their request in case of any suspicious or illegal activity. You will also need to specify your country, gender and sexual orientation during registration process and the Company will display this data on your profile, but viewers have an option to completely hide their profile details. The Company will use your country information to select the streaming server closest to you and for statistical purposes in order to determine the Company's target countries, expenses, earnings and profit by countries and regions. Additionally, models will need to specify their hair color, race and body type which the Company will use along with their age, optinal keywords and each viewer's sexual preferences as model search filters for viewers and the Company will also display this data on model's public profile. You should not use your real name as a username if you want your identity to remain undiscovered. The Company also guarantees not to distribute your personal information to third parties or use it for any other purpose except the ones stated in this legal disclaimer and to apply all standardized security measures and procedures to protect it, but the Company will not be responsible for any damage made by criminal or illegal activity comitted by a third party. The Company disclaims from all security flaws of the third party payment procesing system, a server that hosts domain or any part of the system or essential outer component that isn't fully controled by the Company.

Privacy policy

The Company guarantees that most of user actions will remain anonymous and will not be analyzed by any of the Company's employees, unless the Company subjects your account to an investigation due to any suspicious activity or a report ticket that claims you to be responsible for breaking the Company's policy. If you register as a viewer, the Company may use your search data, watching and broadcast connection statistics and other activity information to analyze usage of CumNSee application and preferences of its users or to improve your experience by providing you with the search suggestions that suit your wishes and needs the best. Also, the Company may record and store all public model broadcasts and both model and premium user streams published during one on one live sex sessions in order to use it as an evidence in case of an investigation of any illegal activity, underage user report or any other potential breach of the Company's policy. Additionally, the Company may store all chat messages from all users during live shows and one on one live sex sessions for the same reason. You agree that the Company will collect and store data about your web browser, device model, operating system type and version while you use CumNSee web, Android or iOS application and will use it for statistical purposes in order to analyze usage of CumNSee application and to help optimize it for target user groups. The Company also collects and stores the IP address and connection time of every website visitor, including guest visitors in order to suggest country selection during registration based on their IP address, to restrict multiple free previews of the same cam model by the same guest user and to forward this data to the competent services upon their request in case of criminal activity or major security issue that needs to be investigated. Additionally, The Company will store name, company name, email address and Skype name in encrypted form if website visitors provide them via website by sending contact message to The Company, applying to become a model, applying to join CumNSee support team, applying to become a recruiter, applying to become The Company's partner or applying to find sponsors for The Company. The Company will only use this data to contact the person regarding their message or application, but may also access it or disclose it to competent services in case of any illegal or criminal activity, underage user report or serious violation of The Company's policy which is suspected to be in any way connected to this person or their contact information.

Cookies policy

The Company uses cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse its traffic and also shares information about your use of its site with its social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use website. Cookies are small text files that websites can use to make a user's experience more efficient. The law states that we can store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of this site. For all other types of cookies we need your permission. uses different types of cookies. Some cookies are placed by third party services that appear on The Company's pages. Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously. The Company authorizes Google to access your data by the following statistics cookies: "_ga" cookie registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website, Google Analytics uses "_gat" cookie to throttle request rate, "_gid" cookie registers a unique ID and uses it to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. Marketing cookies track visitors across websites. The intention is to display ads that are relevant and engaging for the individual user and thereby more valuable for publishers and third party advertisers. The Company authorizes Google and Facebook to access your data by the following marketing cookies: uses "collect" cookie to send data to Google Analytics about the visitor's device and behaviour and it tracks the visitor across devices and marketing channels, Facebook uses "impression.php/#" cookie to register impressions on pages with the Facebook login button. For more details about third party cookies policy check and

User content and data ownership

If you choose to become a cam model, you agree to transfer all your copyrights over live shows, profile pictures and profile videos to the Company; therefore the Company may share some live broadcasts and use it for non-commerical or commercial purposes after their recordings are stored on the Company's servers and may also use some of the profile pictures or videos set by cam models as a temporary cover materials for the Company's home page, any other screen of the Company's website or as a content of CumNSee Android or iOS application. You also accept that all the Company's website visitors may view profiles and live broadcasts of cam models. Any model who registers on the Company's website must take all risks and responsibilities regarding their privacy and reputation. The Company will not be legally responsible for any consequence if working on the Company's website causes any model or any of their family members to suffer from depression and subsequently start to self-injure, attempt or commit suicide.

Copyright limitations and rules

All content on the Company's website, including model live broadcasts, profile videos and profile pictures whose copyrights have been transfered from the models to the Company according to the Terms and conditions, has been copyrighted by the Company and no other parties are allowed to redistribute it neither in its original form nor with alterations. You are not allowed to record or share any live videos from the Company's website neither for non-commercial nor for commercial purpose. Also note that you are prohibited from saving any photos or profile videos of the Company's models and use them for any purpose, neither in original nor in altered form. All source code of the Company's website is not an open source code, a freeware or a shareware, it is fully owned by the Company and you may not copy it or use it for any educational, social or commercial purposes. All those claims also stand for Android and iOS version of CumNSee application. For any infringement of the copyright rules stated above, the Company will press charges against the offender and they will be liable to the Company for a compensation of 3000 USD per infringement plus the court expenses. The Company exempts any third party code used under other specific license and any graphic materials bought for the unexclusive commercial usage from the third party adult content provider or a person from those limitations; therefore in those cases only the limitations of third party license will be applied. The Company declares to third party adult content providers that it doesn't allow downloading or distributing their content from the Company's website, Android or iOS application and disapproves using copyrighted third party graphic materials as user profile pictures and videos; therefore the Company will not be responsible if any of its customers doesn't use it in accordance with the relevant third party license.

Illegal and criminal activities

The Company disclaims from all legal consequence caused by identity theft, data forgery, extortion, privacy violation, non-consensual adult content streaming or any other undesireable activity of users or other persons who are associated to them either voluntarily or involuntarily that is caused by carelessness or fraud. CumNSee application's purpose is adult entertainment and financial profit of the Company and cam models, and no parties are allowed to use it to cause any physical, pshychological or financial harm, insult anyone or damage anyone's reputation. The third party who uses it for any illegal or negative purpose should and must be proccessed according to its country's laws and the Company guarantees to provide all available evidence and data needed to prove their responsibility.

Unallowed behaviour

The Company doesn't support any kind of racial, sexual or nationality-based discrimination. Be advised that the Company forbids threatening, insulting, violent or any hostile behaviour and all consumers of the Company's services must be able to use them without any disturbance, fear or discomfort. The Company also strictly prohibits child pornography, bestiality pornography and non-consensual sex acts. The Company will subject any reports of unallowed behaviour to investigation and after it finds any valid evidence of that behaviour it guarantees to suspend any user proven to have broken the Company's policy. After the user is suspended they will subsequently lose all USD credits and tokens on their account. It will therefore be impossible for the suspended viewer to spend USD credits or tokens they previously bought and the suspended model will not be able to withdraw earned credits to their bank account. Additionally, neither the reviews submitted by the viewer nor the profile details of the model will be visible after their suspension. Every suspended user can request their account reactivation by contacting the Company's support team and will be able to continue using their account if the Company's support team approves the request.

Payment and language policy

The Company reserves the right to control its pricing policy, including all discounts, rewards, benefits and limitations. The Company will not bill users any amount of money automatically and will not introduce any fees or periodical payments into its system. All viewers are allowed to leave any amount of tips to cam models, and cam models may ask for additional tips during public broadcasts for a specific viewer request or offer extra content for a certain amount of tips, based on their own estimation. Cam models are expected to understand and speak English in order to communicate with their viewers. Users may use some other language to communicate with each others, but models are not obligated to understand or react to any request written or said in any other language that is not familiar to them. The Company's support team is only obligated to understand and answer to report tickets submitted in English and it will also answer to all requests in English. An official currency of CumNSee application is USD and users can't receive, buy or own credits of any other currency. Additionally, customers may buy tokens for real money and may use them to tip cam models.

Free and guest users

A guest user who visits the Company's website may watch every model only once with their IP address for a limited time determined by the Company's business policy and is obligated to register to the Company's website to obtain any additional rights. After a registration, all customers will obtain a free watcher status and will have a free preview time for every model whose duration depends on the Company's business policy. After a free preview is spent, a minimal amount of USD credits which is also determined by the Company's pricing policy is neccessary to connect to the same model's broadcast while using the same viewer account. During a preview, a viewer will not be able to send messages or tips and the cam model will not be notified about their connection and will not receive any credits or tips from it.

Paying and premium users

Buying any amount of tip tokens or USD credits enables a user to obtain a paying customer status and watch cam shows which he pays per minute according to the Company's pricing policy. Any user who spends a certain amount of money that is determined exclusively by the Company's business policy on the Company's services will obtain a premium user status and will be able to engage in one on one live sex with the Company's models. Every model has a right and obligation to accept offers for live sex under specific benefits and limitations. Once the live sex session is started, no users can connect to that model's broadcast until the session is finished. The only allowed payment method in live sex sessions are tips made by a customer. Neither customer who pays for live sex nor the cam model who accepts their offer will be fully subjected to the Company's pricing policy, but both participants should make their own arrangements about tip amount that the customer should pay for certain requests, as long as they respect the live sex sessions pricing conditions. Note that tip tokens are automatically converted into USD credits according to the Company's business policy. The Company reserves a right to change its policies regarding all prices, discounts, rewards, benefits and limitations, but will also inform all users about upcoming changes through the notifications system.

Live sex sessions policy

While the Company doesn't allow free live sex sessions, the customer needs to pay a minimal tip of 3 tokens per minute on average to a model, which means that any session during which customer pays less than the stated minimum is considered too cheap live sex session. The Company reserves the right to remove the premium user status from a customer who engages in free or too cheap live sex and/or to suspend account of a model who repeatedly provides free or too cheap live sex to premium users. Additionally, the Company may deduct an amount of 3 tokens per minute of the concerned session or the equivalent in USD credits by the same conversion rate which it applies during live sex session from the customer's account to cover the infrastructure costs that may follow and the earnings which it could have achieved during that live sex session if the customer had tipped with the minimal allowed amount of tokens.

Recruitment program

Each user may enter a recruitment program and will subsequently receive an unique six digit reference number and have a possibility to recommend CumNSee application to new customers. For every new customer who specifies the corresponding reference number in their registration proccess and fulfills certain conditions during their active membership, a refferer will automatically receive commission in USD credits on their CumNSee application account. Those conditions include minimal paid broadcast time achieved by the reffered model or a minimal amount of money spent by the reffered viewer. Recruitment program members may also send invitations to emails of the potential new users through CumNSee application interface. The Company will only use emails of the potential new users to keep records of sent invitations in order to prevent spamming caused by sending multiple invitations to the same email by the same user and the Company will also never send any notifications to those emails. Neither the commission amount nor the above-stated conditions are negotiable and will be determined by the Company's business policy.

Foreign laws and rules

Be advised that the Company claims users responsible for breaking laws of their own country if they forbid broadcasting or watching live adult content or any other aspect of the Company's business due to its moral, religious or legal rules and that the owners of the Company will not be accused of any legal offence or felony that may occur in users' community. The Company will only be subjected to laws and rules of Marshall Islands as the country of foundation that legally allows all business activities of the Company to be performed. The Company will not follow any moral or religious rules of any country or community and find that you support all its activities by accepting the terms stated in this legal disclaimer.

Forbidden user countries

Because the Company is an offshore company with Marshall Islands as the country of registration, persons whose country of residence is Marshall Islands may not register as the Company's users. Additionally, if your country's laws forbid broadcasting or watching live adult content or any other aspect of the Company's business, your local authorities may block access to the Company's website.